Most things that seem too good to be true, usually are so when people are told about free travel vouchers, they instinctively assume that it is a scam. I mean, come on, why would anyone give out free airfare, hotel stays or vacation and resort packages? How can that possibly happen? But the surprising truth is that these free travel vouchers are completely legit and businesses who give them out, do so for very good reasons. As a matter of fact, smart business people have been making good use of free travel vouchers for years now - not just because it's free but in an attempt to earn a good living. A study of how these coupons work would probably encourage you to try using them yourself.


Contrary to popular belief, most airline seats, as well as hotel rooms, go unsold. Of course, during notably busy times of the year like holidays, they are usually fully booked, but aside from those times, there are a lot of empty seats and rooms left unfilled, day after day. Rather than allowed to go to waste, they are offered out for free as long as some conditions are met.


Giving out three free travel vouchers is actually a money making strategy. Very often, people will upgrade their seats, extend tickets, eat in restaurants and basically just spend money on various other offerings from the hotel or airline. By implication, the business then makes more money than would have been made from leaving the seat or room unoccupied. Also, offering customers a free vacation creates strong loyalty to the offering brand and subsequently, the recipient will probably patronage the airline or hotel more often.


Airlines and hotel chains are usually very large companies hence, they often allow only a limited number of companies, the license to print the free travel vouchers. Following this, the companies then sell the printing rights to basically anyone who would want to take them. What this means is that if you were to buy the rights, you would be able to print as many vouchers as you want. Whatever actions you intend to take afterward is up to you. The coupons can be sold, gifted or used to get more business.


There are people who have created successful businesses off of free travel vouchers. As stated before, you can give them away for free or for a fee, but either way, when a voucher is redeemed online, you get a commission from the hotel or airline. This is simply because, in the long run, they will gain from this venture and if you bring customers, you deserve a reward.




You may be surprised to hear that they are - free, that is. Whatever is printed on the coupon, is what you get, whether it is free airfare for two or an 8 night, 7-day stay at a resort. There are a couple of registration fees involved, however, but in total, the cost is significantly lower than what you would have paid for the room or airline seat at the actual price. This usually applies to free travel vouchers which may offer a complete vacation package including airfare and more than a week long stay at the vacation location.


As mentioned before, some conditions need to be met. Generally, when seats and rooms are available, you'll be able to fly and stay where you please. Now, even though this comes with a good variety of options to choose from in order to customise your vacation, making the required arrangements may be difficult. Free travel vouchers don't usually have an expiration date so it can be used at convenience.


These vouchers may seem like a scam, but they are actually a good way for normal people to go on a cheap vacation, a good source of only for coupon agents and also it helps airlines and hotels to get back some money that would have been lost due to empty rooms and airplane seats